User guide

Breathing dialog

The breathing dialog can be started in different ways:

  • After a certain time has passed (default is 15 minutes) a notification is shown, which after 10 seconds is followed the breathing dialog
  • You can manually open the breathing dialog from the systray menu
  • To start following the in-breath, hover over the green square in the middle of the breathing dialog
  • When breathing out leave the green square with the mouse cursor and let it be over the white background
  • (Repeat in and out breaths as many times as you want)
  • When you want to exit the breathing dialog, simply move the mouse cursor away from the dialog and it will be closed

Adding a new breathing phrase


Changing the breathing phrase


Rest Reminders

You can let the rest reminder dialog be on the screen while being away from the computer. When closing this dialog the timer will be restarted

Adding a new rest action


Using the System Tray Menu


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